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ACTAI Sardinia -  “Where the Wind Lives”


Manuela Jungo found her kite paradise a few years ago on the Italian Island Sardinia and she invites you to join her for the second part of the ACTAI event on this beautiful island.


Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean between Italy, Spain, Tunisia and is south of Corsica. The Island offers beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water and amazing coastal drives. Sardinia is also constantly hit with Mistral and Scirocco winds, which make it ideal for those in search of kite havens.


There are many kite spots all over Sardinia, but the south has the pick of the bunch. Manuela's favourite sardinian kite hangout is in Porto Botte, which has a small kite centre situated right by the water called ‘KiteSardegna’, where she invites you to join her.


Dates:       10th of June – 13th of June 

Minimum Level: everyone is welcome beginners to advanced riders



  • 4 days - 4 nights* 

  • lunch

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner 

  • transfer from house to beach

  • beach fee and rescue



  • Flights

  • Wetsuit and shoes

  • Transfer to and from the airport (can be added to booking)

  • SUP rental or SUP yoga if we have this activity on a no wind day

  • Bike rental

  • Kite gear rental

  • Lessons/coaching (can be added to booking)



Experience the authentic lifestyle, flavours and relaxed energy of Sardinia – staying with our hosts Mama Patricia and Marco at the farmhouse, while surrounded by beautiful nature


We will live with Marco in his farm house, only 1 km from the kite spot Porto Botte. It is a big and comfortable house that gives you the feeling of being home.

Agriturismo Golfo Palmas Strada Statale 195, km 91 09010 Sant’Antioco Carbonia-Iglesias Italia



Article in IKSRUFMAG

Porto Botte is teaming with wildlife. The kite spot neighbours protected waterways where pink flamingos feed and dredge up food from salty pools that lie alongside the dirt road that you take you to your destination. It would make for some amazing kiteboarding but it is possibly too shallow and protected due to the prestigious birdlife. On the ocean side flat water allows you to push your kiteboarding freestyle. Students enjoy depths they can stand up in and certain areas of light sea grass keep the water butter flat right up to the strongest of winds for the picky kiteboarder wanting the water to be butter flat. A flat-water section is on offer downwind of land during the mistral winds but there is a small trade off for more gusty conditions due to the wind crossing the land. The station offers shade and beach chairs to relax between sessions and they also have some snacks and cold drinks.

Start/end of the event

Start: 10th of June around lunch time *

End: 13th of June after dinner

*there is a possibility to arrive earlier


The airports near by are Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero. Cagliari is the closest airport to get to Porto Botte, approximately one-hour drive from the spot.



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