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Never be afraid to try something new

I don't mind water and waves at all when I am with my kite and kiteboard but surfing is another story. I feel out of controll and I am afraid to drown. But this fear is only there because I don't know how to surf and read the waves.

My season at the Kite Park League is over and I think it is the time to change my view of surfing. Thats why I decided to join a camp from lapoint in Ericeira, Portugal.

It was great to have a teacher and other new surfers around me to take baby steps to first not be afraid anymore when a small wave approaches me and second to be able to actually surf a wave.

I did learn a lot and I am sure that I want to surf again but it is so hard. I had good days and days where I just did not catch any waves. But I was out there and tried and I will try again.

I think it is important to step sometimes out of my confort zone and the feeling is amazing to learn something new.

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