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Solaire Blue Open 2017, first tourstop of the Kite Park League

I was training so hard over the last weeks to be able to compete agains the best riders of the world and my expectations of myself were high. I felt very confident and wanted to show what I have learned during the last few weeks.

I felt very good after the first round and I was excited to see the results. I did expect to get rewarded to try harder tricks but I was not able to performe them clean enough in the eyes of the judges. It was great to ride in the final but I was expecting more then the 5th place. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and do it better during the next competition.

Big thanks to my sponsors: North Kiteboarding, Jeep Schweiz, traser swiss H3 watches and Rip Curl

for making it possible for me to follow my passion.

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